Network via Amateur Team Sports

How to Build your professional and social network via Amateur Team Sports?

Build your network via Amateur Team Sports

Forget social medias, forget dating sites, forget bars &  clubs,… you have very little chance of building your professional and social network at those places.

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Build your network via Amateur Team Sports

People are becoming more and more skeptical and wary of social medias and dating sites because their members tend to only show the best part of their persona and are not authentic in those mediums. If you rely on those sites and on bars & clubs to build your network, you will fail miserably.

Most people go to bars late at night and are influenced by alcohol and unless you already have a couple of popular friends at those places, it is very hard to create authentic relationships and friendships with good people.

There is a very simple and effective way to make great friends and build your network: Play amateur team sports (soccer, hockey, basketball,…). Here is why:

  • When you play in a team league or a drop in sports league, you automatically talk to all your teammates and know their names during the game.
  • You also have the opportunity to talk to your opponents before and after the game.
  • You have a reason to talk to anyone at anytime and as soon as you talk to people, there is always room to connect and develop a relationship.
  • When you are not on the field, you sit together with other teammates and have many opportunities to chat about a lot of things.
  • By having the same purpose of winning the games, you work as a team and you can spot people who share the same value with you during that exercise.
  • Co-Ed Games have players of both sexes playing together and you can easily spot someone you are interested in and that have the same passion as you and you can easily talk to that person.
  • Drop in sports games have new players at every game and you have new teammates almost every week and that gives you more people you can talk to.
  • Amateur leagues usually have players profiles on their web sites, and in addition of reading profile players online, you can meet them during the games and easily connect together after the games without being creepy about it.
  • In addition of meeting people via sports, you also work on your fitness and it is a bonus.

Build your network via Amateur Team Sports

Playing team sports via team leagues or drop in leagues is definitely the best way to build your network without being creepy and stay fit and healthy at the same time.
Here are some examples of Amateur Sports leagues that can help you build your network:

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