What do teams look for at soccer tryouts?

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It depends on the position you are playing. For outfield players in general, here is a what they generally look for:
1- Your skill set at specific positions based on their need.
2- Your adaptability to different situations and different positions.
3- Your ball control and passing skills under pressure
4- Your defensive awareness when you don’t have the ball.
4- Your ability to score if you play up, your vision and understanding of the game.
5- your attitude and professionalism.
6- Your ability to listen and apply tactical instructions on the field.
7- And much more depending on the coach of the position they are hiring for.
8- Your ability to handle pressure and rejection.
9- Your growth potential, you might be limited in skills during tryout but if they see that your style and attitude and hunger will guarantee a huge growth, they will likely pick you.
10- Last but not least, your size (height, weight), strength , stamina and burst.

For goalkeepers,
They look for similar traits above in term of character, professionalism, but for goalies, they look for height, size, athleticism, reflex, positioning, good judgement, your ability to control and position your defense, your ball handling and ability to read shooters.
What do teams look for at soccer tryouts?

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