correct way of slide tackling in Football

What is the correct way of slide tackling in football (soccer) without getting a foul?What is the correct way of slide tackling in football (soccer) without getting a foul?

  1. Timing is extremely important. Process your chances to get the ball quickly and make sure that you get to the ball first.
  2. Slide laterally, almost never straight
  3. Make sure that you touch the ball first, if not prepare yourself to get red carded
  4. Don’t launch both feet at the same time and in parallel
  5. Your wrong foot must go first and serves as support while your strong foot must be ready to direct or shield the ball for you.
  6. Don’t be too aggressive, a smooth slide tackle well executed is easy on the eye and the referee can see it and feel it when it is done right.
  7. Avoid the “scissor” effect on your opponent, it looks very bad and the referee will likely book or eject you.
  8. Protect your knee at all cost
  9. If you are already on a yellow card, it is better to avoid slide tackling unless you are trying to avoid a clear chance to a goal against your team.
  10. Slide tackles are usually instinctive and experienced players just do it on the go. Practice it in scrimmage games and see how well it flows before ever trying it in a real game.

Even if you follow all the advices above, you are still running the risk to be ejected if you don’t win the ball. So slide as a last resort only.
Here is a video showing some good examples of tackling in Football:

I will update later if I think of new tricks. There are some excellent resources on Quora about the subject.
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