Side business to make you up to 2000 dollars a month

What are the Side business to make you up to 2000 dollars a month or even more?

Side business to make you up to 2000 dollars a month
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1- Referee (The best and easy option if you like sports)
The easy and quickest Side business to make you up to 2000 dollars a month is to become an amateur team sports referee and officiate about 20 to 30 games per week. I did it myself and it works. You make extra cash and stay in shape and meet a lot of people( hot girls playing soccer or basketball included).
To become a soccer referee, you just need to take a 2 days certification that will cost you about $100 depending on your state.
Amateur soccer Referees are paid up to $50 per game and games are played everyday after 05pm and on week ends.
I have created a referee locator app and listed how to become a referee anywhere in US and Canada at Amateur Referees Locator – How to become a referee? – Djamga – ShowUpAndPlaySports (

2- Buy and sell popular or efficient cars (Japanese car makes like Corolla, Camry, Honda, Nissan etc.) on Craigslist , kijiji or any local popular online used item market site.

3- Learn web design, mobile development, coding and apply for part time consulting gigs at Remote Jobs sites: ( or any other site posting IT work remote jobs in US or Canada.

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4- Organize sports tournaments (soccer, basketball, hockey)
Rent good and inexpensive fields, convince teams to join, run a great campaign and organize amateur sport tournaments monthly and you can easily make $5000 after expenses if you do it right. This is not easy though, you must know local players and team captains and convince them to join. To organize a tournament, you must secure and rent a field , hire referees and volunteers and advertise enough to register teams.
You can also contact charities and raise funds for them with the proceeds of the tournament.

5- If you are strong and a handyman or if you are available to help people do landscaping or any other jobs to improve houses, post your ad on local sites like craigslist or kijiji, or target upper middle class neighborhood and post your ad there and I am sure they will call you regularly if you do a good job.

6- Coach Team(s)
There are many amateur teams who need coaches to lead their teams. If you are good enough in your sport and have leadership skills, you can coach local teams and earn some extra cash.

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