Good ways to organize people to play sports with me

What are some good ways to organize people to play sports with me?

      Good ways to organize people to play sports with me
      Use the Djamga app available on the Web, iOs and Android . It is a an amateur sports hub that list amateur team sports drop in games, leagues, clubs, referees and facilities. Post your games details in the app (location, date, time, description, requirements to join, your contacts) and people will join and play.
      You can also join a ShowUpAndPlaySports chapter in your city and post the game as an event for free and people will RSVP to play. Join your local chapter here. ShowUpAndPlaySports has more than 28 chapters in USA, Canada and UK and keeps growing.
      Join meetup and find popular team sport groups that allow users to post events. Mine can allow you to do it for free( ShowUpAndPlaySports), you can also become an organizer and handle your own meetup group for a fee.
      Join a local team and get to know players, make friends with them and invite them to play with you.
      Find local clubs looking for players at
      Create a facebook page about the games you plan to be organizing and invite friends to join. You can also post your ad for free at the right reddit group and specify clearly that your are looking for people to join you and play sports.
      Use popular and free advertising sites like craigslist, kijiji, and post your event in detail and players who have the same need will contact you to play.
      During the winter, most indoor field are not free and you need to book and rent in advance. It can be tough if you don’t have a reliable list of friends who are willing to join and play. In this case, you are better off joining existing leagues and invite teammates to join together and book a field for practice or scrimmage.

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