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What is Co-Ed sports or Co-Ed games?

Co-Ed sports include any sport involving two or more players of opposite sex (males & Females) working together towards a shared objective. A Co-Ed Game is an activity in which individuals of opposite sex are organized into opposing teams which compete to win. Popular examples of Co-Ed sports are soccer, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, water polo, handball, lacrosse, cricket, softball, and the various forms of flag football and hockey.

Co-Ed Games are played mostly at the amateur and recreational level. Official competitions featuring co-ed or mixed teams are so far only limited to ultimate frisbee.
One of the most popular Co-Ed sport is Adult Co-Ed soccer. It usually involves a team mixed with men and women. The requirement varies but generally each team is required to have at least 2 women at all time on the pitch.
Co-Ed Sports have many advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the advantages or positives of Co-Ed Sports.

  • Fair Play: Most Co-Ed players and gentlemen and classy ladies and the fair play in these games are usually above average.
  • Fewer injuries: Co-Ed games are usually recreational and Gentlemen usually slow down when they face slower players and the result is fewer injuries.
  • Social: Co-Ed games encourage players from both sexes to meet up and play and socialize.
  • Fun

Here are the disadvantages or negatives of Co-Ed SPorts.

  • Players availability: It is sometimes hard to find enough women to fill the minimum quota required by Co-Ed Team Sports Games like Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, etc.
  • Quality of games: The games can seems very slow to above average players. Some players can be frustrated to have to slow down when they clash with players from the opposite sex.
  • Severe Injuries: Players who don’t know the rules can cause severe injuries. Above average and string players who cannot control themselves can hurt weaker players form the opposite sex.
  • Jealousy: Players dating teammate in same team can create jealousy. Some players try hard to impress their teammate and it can affect the team negatively.

Example of Co-Ed games organized by ShowUpAndPlaySports:

Pros and Cons of Co-Ed games and mixed team sports

Pros and Cons of Co-Ed games and mixed team sports
One of the most important goals of amateur team sports is to get non-professionals to play their favorite sport in organized leagues. That goal is achieved only when the players can exercise, have fun and enjoy the games safely. To get there, amateur sport leagues are organized by level of play and/or by age group. In each division, we usually have men’s leagues and women’s leagues. However, in many adult divisions there are an increasing number of Co-ed or mixed leagues; these include both men and women and are rapidly gaining popularity.

In Co-ed or mixed team leagues, each team must have a minimum number of players of the opposite sex on the field at all times during the game.

Amateur Co-Ed Drop in games listing in various cities in the world
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Based upon our vast experience running and playing in Co-Ed leagues and Co-Ed drop in games in various cities and countries around the world with ShowUpAndPlaySports, we are going to answer the following questions:

Here are the Pros, Advantages, and positives of Co-Ed Games or mixed team sports:

Good Fair Play:


    • Players behave more responsibly when they play with or against the opposite sex. Most Co-ed leagues are recreational and it obliges stronger players to be less aggressive than when playing with players of the same sex.
    • Co-ed games bring out the best in players from both sexes: There are fewer complaints, almost no trash talk and very few fights in comparison with same-sex games.


  • Co-ed games encourage men to develop more patience. Women benefit by improving their skills and strength to keep up as men are generally faster and stronger players than women.
  • Fair play in Co-Ed games is very good and always above average, as men do their best to be seen as gentlemen and women do their best to be seen as nice.

Fewer Injuries

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  • There are generally fewer injuries in Co-ed games compared to same sex games. Stronger players either make a conscious effort to slow down, or do so subconsciously when faced with players of the opposite sex.
  • The speed of the game is always acceptable and enjoyable. At a given skill level, Co-ed games are generally slower than men’s games and faster than women’s games.

Social and Openness


  • Co-Ed Leagues are in average cheaper and less expensive that men or women leagues.
  • Couple who play together in Co-Ed Leagues or games save money while carpooling to games or practice.
  • Popular co-ed team sports are soccer and basketball and those sports don’t require much in term of equipment. Most co-ed teams equipment consist of simple t-shirts and players can play with their own sneakers for indoors.

Knowledge of the games

  • The disparity of skills and knowledge of the games from players playing in Co-Ed games help participants to better understand the games and the rules. Stronger players sometimes have to explain the rules to weaker or new players and it helps everyone understand the games better.

Pros and Cons of Co-Ed games or mixed team sports

Despite all the nice things said above, Co-ed games or mixed teams also have some disadvantages. Here are the cons, advantages and negatives of CoEd games or mixed team Sports:

Less Efficient, Players availability:

  • Some teams have difficulty finding the requisite number of players of the opposite sex and end up losing the game by default because of it.
  • When Co-ed teams are lacking in players of a specific sex, the few players available are obliged to play much longer than usual. They are often very tired by the end of the game and team performance generally suffers for it.

Lack of Quality:

  • Many men, who are usually faster and stronger than women, get frustrated when they face women and find they have to slow down. They may end up not enjoying themselves and may also feel they can’t express themselves fully.
  • Women can experience frustration as well. Often, they are not taken seriously during the game by men who are afraid of hurting or overpowering them.
  • The fact that players in Co-ed leagues try to be gentle with one another can affect the game in a negative way. More competitive players might not enjoy the game as much.

Rare, but Severe Injuries:


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  • Sport injuries that occur when weaker players try to perform at the same level as stronger players of the opposite sex can be dangerous.
  • Some players who don’t understand the game and get invited just to fill the quota sometimes don’t understand the concept of tackle, shield, advantage, “First to the ball” and can create injuries by doing things that the opponents are not expecting. It sometimes results in very bad injuries.


  • The potential attraction between players of opposing sexes can sometimes create conflicts and jealousy from other players and this can affect the game negatively.
  • Some players go to specific teams just to court other players from the opposite sex and the game is not their priority. This can affect the game negatively.
  • Some players can be rejected by a love interest in the same team and they don’t always cope well with the rejection. In those cases, the atmosphere of the team is sometimes ruined and the team ends up losing at least one of the players concerned. When teams lose female members, it is hard to replace them and they end up forfeiting some games by not having enough female members.

– To conclude:


  • I think that Co-ed games or mixed team sports have more positives than negatives. However, I recommend it for mature, older players as they are more likely to have the patience and self-control to enjoy this type of game.
  • On a recreational and amateur level, many sports feature co-ed teams and leagues and it is growing very fast. The most notables amateur sports with co-ed leagues and teams are soccer, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, softball, flag football.
    Official competitions featuring co-ed or mixed teams so far are only limited to ultimate frisbee.


– My gift to you:

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Network via Amateur Team Sports

How to Build your professional and social network via Amateur Team Sports?

Build your network via Amateur Team Sports

Forget social medias, forget dating sites, forget bars &  clubs,… you have very little chance of building your professional and social network at those places.

Build your network via Amateur Team Sports

People are becoming more and more skeptical and wary of social medias and dating sites because their members tend to only show the best part of their persona and are not authentic in those mediums. If you rely on those sites and on bars & clubs to build your network, you will fail miserably.

Most people go to bars late at night and are influenced by alcohol and unless you already have a couple of popular friends at those places, it is very hard to create authentic relationships and friendships with good people.

There is a very simple and effective way to make great friends and build your network: Play amateur team sports (soccer, hockey, basketball,…). Here is why:

  • When you play in a team league or a drop in sports league, you automatically talk to all your teammates and know their names during the game.
  • You also have the opportunity to talk to your opponents before and after the game.
  • You have a reason to talk to anyone at anytime and as soon as you talk to people, there is always room to connect and develop a relationship.
  • When you are not on the field, you sit together with other teammates and have many opportunities to chat about a lot of things.
  • By having the same purpose of winning the games, you work as a team and you can spot people who share the same value with you during that exercise.
  • Co-Ed Games have players of both sexes playing together and you can easily spot someone you are interested in and that have the same passion as you and you can easily talk to that person.
  • Drop in sports games have new players at every game and you have new teammates almost every week and that gives you more people you can talk to.
  • Amateur leagues usually have players profiles on their web sites, and in addition of reading profile players online, you can meet them during the games and easily connect together after the games without being creepy about it.
  • In addition of meeting people via sports, you also work on your fitness and it is a bonus.

Build your network via Amateur Team Sports

Playing team sports via team leagues or drop in leagues is definitely the best way to build your network without being creepy and stay fit and healthy at the same time.
Here are some examples of Amateur Sports leagues that can help you build your network:

Pros and Cons of couples playing in the same team

What are the pros and cons of couples playing in the same team?

Pros and Cons of couples playing in the same team


  • You have the opportunity to do something fun and useful as a couple
  • You exercise and play sports to get healthy as a couple
  • You encourage each other and protect each other during the game
  • You make common friend with the same passion quickly
  • You save on transportation costs by driving together on the field
  • You learn more about each other in a setting where you interact with other people in a physical and challenging way.
  • Playing as a couple can increase your winning mentality and increase your “fair play” attitude.
  • All the above advantage strengthen the relationship of couples who play together in the same team.

Pros and Cons of couples playing in the same team


  • Playing as a couple in the same team can hinder your  ability to be yourself  by trying hard to not embarrass your partner.
  • You might not enjoy the game as much  because you always try to protect your partner by having an eye on him or her at all times.
  • If you are going through a hard time in your couple, you might be tempted to stop going to the game together and it might affect your participation and reduce your enjoyment of the game.


There are more advantages than disadvantages to play amateur team sports as a couple.
By experience, couple who play team sports together in the same team are very successful, have a very strong relationship and are very fair play and easy going in life in general.

Read these excellents answers on Quora about games that couples can play together.

Recipe for success in Amateur Sports

What are the recipe for success in Amateur Sports?

Recipe for success in Co-Ed amateur SportsAs a long time amateur soccer player, referee, coach and soccer league manager, I have observed players behaviors, compiled statistics about fair play, and most importantly monitored what quality human beings who play Co-Ed and amateur sports have in common.

Great kids, Gentlemen, and classy ladies who play sports and have a great time doing it are very competitive and very  fair play at the same time.

The fair play or sportsmanship checklist below highlights what they all have in common and is the recipe for success in Co-Ed and amateur sports:

  • They arrive at the game on time and don’t leave before the end of the game unless it is an emergency or they have suffered an injury.
  • They dress properly and safely. For soccer for example, they wear indoor shoes for indoors, outdoor shoes for outdoors, shin pads, long soccer socks, soccer shorts and tee-shirts or soccer jerseys. They don’t wear rings, chains or any other unsafe objects that can hurt themselves or their teammates or opponents.
  • They respect the referee or game organizer no matter what decision they take.
  • They respect all their team-mates and opponents.
  • They don’t argue with the referees and they don’t argue or complain about the rules of the game.
  • They play hard, but aren’t too aggressive, especially when they are facing slower or weaker opponents.
  • They stop the action whenever a player is down. They help team-mates who are down injured.
  • They don’t dismiss or talk down to players who are not playing well, they encourage them instead.
  • They call their own fouls and don’t waste time arguing about a call.
  • They applaud great play or great goal even if it is scored against them.
  • They control their temper, They don’t use “F” word or any other derogatory word; they are respectful towards everybody involved in the game.
  • They don’t insult anybody and never start a fight no matter what.
  • They always make sure that everyone is ok after a contact.
  • They play with the mercy rule in mind: If their opponent is too weak, they are not going to keep scoring for the sake of scoring. They will slow down and even let their opponent scores some goals on them to try to balance the game.
  • They are always positive, always smiling whenever they play well or not, and they don’t take themselves too seriously in a good way.

I have also noticed that people who are competitive and follow the checklist above when they play sports are most of the time very successful and live a very peaceful and happy life.

Read this excellent post about great example of Fair Play in Sports on Quora.