Top 5 hobbies that make you smarter

What are the top 5 hobbies that make you smarter?

top 5 hobbies that make you smarterRead my popular answer on my Quora profile here.

  1. Reading ( anything from books, news, pamphlets, online, offline, whatever, etc.). Just read man!
  2. Writing (blog, answers on Quora, reddit, website content, contribute thoughtful comments on posts or news articles online, write a book, etc.). Just write man!
  3. Design, planning and Execution of a task ( anything from cooking, fixing anything, gardening to create a website, whatever useful task you can think of).
  4. Playing a team sports and scheming to win will develop a healthy body necessary for a healthy mind ( I play, coach, referee and run a soccer league and it makes me smarter every day).
  5. Exercise ( running, gym, bike , swim) will make you physically strong , agile, athletic, fit and smarter.
  6. Walking long distances keeps you fit and makes you think about a lot of stuffs and develop your mind.
  7. Take transit to work or school  gives you time to read, develop social consciousness about riding with many people and makes you street smart.
  8. Listening to public radio ( local and international non biased news, sports and entertainment). Get a headphone and listen to public radio while walking or riding public transit.
  9. Playing musical instruments ( guitar, drum, flute, piano, etc.) and trying to make new sounds or music will make you smarter.
  10. Traveling and discovering new places and different cultures is the ultimate school of life.
  11. Playing with and loving your kids and try to answer all their questions will make you very smart( my kids always ask why about anything and I have to answer)
  12. Making friends, keeping friends, be social, be environmentally conscious, volunteering for good causes make you smarter.
  13. Raising a family makes you smarter (figuring out how to feed your family, keep the peace, love and learn to live with family members in peace and harmony is a tough task that is intellectually and socially rewarding).

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Morning habits of well-balanced people

What are some interesting morning habits of well-balanced people?

interesting morning habits of well-balanced people

  1. Make sure that you sleep at least for 6 hours non stop in a very comfortable bed every night.
    Wake up at around 06am.
  2. Read or listen to unbiased local and international news to know what is going on.
  3. Take a good shower.
  4. Drink a glass of water or tea without sugar.
  5. Take public transit for work or school and read your book while listening to public radio during your transit.
  6. Take 5 minutes walk every hour at work or school. A walk to the washroom to read/browse/answer on Quora counts.
  7. Eat a healthy meal with vegetables and fish at lunch time. Don’t fill yourself up.
  8. On your way home, stop at the gym. Run for 20 minutes non stop. Do strength exercises for 10 minutes, then agility exercises for 10 minutes, bike or swim for another 10 minutes.
  9. Go home and play with your kids, wife, and eat dinner. Spoil yourself after losing about 3000 calories with the gym routine above.
  10. On Saturday and Sunday morning, sleep a little bit longer than usual, wake up at 07am and work on your startup or any other personal project ideas, while watching your favorite sports game ( I love Arsenal FC and watch Premier League games on Saturdays and NFL on Sunday morning); Have a good breakfast with the family at around 10am, then go play sports with your kids ( swimming, soccer, basketball, hockey, etc..,). Stop at the library and get new books for everyone for the week.
  11. Live a healthy life, be optimistic, positive, volunteer a couple of hours for a good cause, don’t hate on anybody, love people, don’t be a jerk or racist: that’s how you will be successful.
  12. Disclaimer: You should also understand that this list is not absolute, you should be able to balance or cancel some activities due to emergencies or other unexpected daily life requirements.

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Recipe for success in Amateur Sports

What are the recipe for success in Amateur Sports?

Recipe for success in Co-Ed amateur SportsAs a long time amateur soccer player, referee, coach and soccer league manager, I have observed players behaviors, compiled statistics about fair play, and most importantly monitored what quality human beings who play Co-Ed and amateur sports have in common.

Great kids, Gentlemen, and classy ladies who play sports and have a great time doing it are very competitive and very  fair play at the same time.

The fair play or sportsmanship checklist below highlights what they all have in common and is the recipe for success in Co-Ed and amateur sports:

  • They arrive at the game on time and don’t leave before the end of the game unless it is an emergency or they have suffered an injury.
  • They dress properly and safely. For soccer for example, they wear indoor shoes for indoors, outdoor shoes for outdoors, shin pads, long soccer socks, soccer shorts and tee-shirts or soccer jerseys. They don’t wear rings, chains or any other unsafe objects that can hurt themselves or their teammates or opponents.
  • They respect the referee or game organizer no matter what decision they take.
  • They respect all their team-mates and opponents.
  • They don’t argue with the referees and they don’t argue or complain about the rules of the game.
  • They play hard, but aren’t too aggressive, especially when they are facing slower or weaker opponents.
  • They stop the action whenever a player is down. They help team-mates who are down injured.
  • They don’t dismiss or talk down to players who are not playing well, they encourage them instead.
  • They call their own fouls and don’t waste time arguing about a call.
  • They applaud great play or great goal even if it is scored against them.
  • They control their temper, They don’t use “F” word or any other derogatory word; they are respectful towards everybody involved in the game.
  • They don’t insult anybody and never start a fight no matter what.
  • They always make sure that everyone is ok after a contact.
  • They play with the mercy rule in mind: If their opponent is too weak, they are not going to keep scoring for the sake of scoring. They will slow down and even let their opponent scores some goals on them to try to balance the game.
  • They are always positive, always smiling whenever they play well or not, and they don’t take themselves too seriously in a good way.

I have also noticed that people who are competitive and follow the checklist above when they play sports are most of the time very successful and live a very peaceful and happy life.

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Soccer and Hockey Moms vs Sport Fans

Soccer and Hockey Moms vs Sport Fans: Who are the best fans?

Soccer and Hockey Moms vs Sport FansIf you have ever played, coached, refereed or attended a youth soccer or hockey game, you have probably noticed that the majority of spectators are moms and dads. They are always there to support their kids, no matter how busy they are, no matter how cold or hot the weather is. They come to practices and even team meetings.

When you watch professional games on TV or from   the stadium, you see a lot of young people in their 20’s and 30’s in the stands. They provide the energy, the noise, the cheers, the boos. They are the fans,  the heart and soul  of those games.
Soccer and Hockey Moms vs Sport Fans
The question is who are the best fans? What is the difference between Soccer Moms, Hockey Moms and the young sport fans? What do they have in common?

  • Knowledge of the game :
    Most of the time, Soccer and Hockey moms just cheer for their kid’s team no matter what. They don’t always know all the rules and don’t compile stats like young sport fans.
    Advantage: Sport fans.
  • Consistency:
    Soccer and Hockey moms always attend the game whether their kids are playing well or not. They always support their kid’s team whether they are winning or not. Sport fans sometimes boos their own teams or don’t show up at the games when their teams are not playing well or when they are losing consistently.
    Advantage: Soccer and Hockey Moms.
  • Emotional attachment:
    Soccer and Hockey mom go through fear and pride when they watch their son or daughter play. When the kids are hurts, they jump immediately on the field and you can feel the emotion they are going through. They are worried only about their child safety. Sport fans worry a lot more about their team losing when a best player is injured.
    Advantage: Soccer and Hockey moms.
  • Who cares more:
    Soccer and Hockey moms care for their kids happiness. If they win, they will be happy for them. If they lose, they will be sad to see their son sad. Sport fans care about the game. Their pride is hurt when their team lose. They are not worried about the players being sad, but mostly for the teams and players they identify with.
    Advantage: Sport Fans


Soccer Moms, Hockey Moms, Parents and Young Sport Fans are all very important for Sports. They humanize and contribute financially the most to keep the sports alive.